Univ. of North Carolina - Gymnastics


For Camp 1, campers will be staying in Carmichael Residence Hall. For Camp 2, campers will be staying in Teague Residence Hall.

The rooms are suite style in both residence halls. Each room will house 2 campers and there will be 3-4 rooms housed in each suite. In total, there will be 6-8 campers within 1 suite. There is one toilet, one shower, 2 sinks in each suite. Each camper will have a Twin XL bed, which you will need to provide your own bedding, pillows, blankets, towels, etc. Anyone without a roommate choice will be paired with campers of approximately the same age. Campers will have supervision from camp/dorm staff at all times, including walking to and from practice and the dining hall.

There will be a door decorating contest so come prepared with decorations that will be able to stay on the door with Painter’s Tape (only). 

For more detailed information on Carmichael Residence Hall, please CLICK HERE.

For more detailed information on Teague, please visit CLICK HERE.

All gymnasts will be grouped according to their competitive level and ability to allow them to get the most out of each workout. Please make sure camper’s level is listed correctly at registration and updated as needed before you arrive for camp.  We will also have a quick camper evaluation so we are certain we have the correct girls in each group. There will be around 13-17 gymnasts in each group.

All meals will be located in Chase Dining Hall which is a cafeteria style dining. Chase is located only a few steps away from Carmichael and Teague Residence Hall. Chase Dining Hall will be made aware of food allergies prior to camp.

For more detailed information about Chase Dining Hall, please CLICK HERE.

The Camp Store will be open during Camper Check-in as well as each night in the dorms until 9:00 pm. We are not doing pre-orders, but if there is something your child wants and we run out, we can make the accommodation to order extras after camp and mail them out asap.

   ♦ Cell Phone & Charger
   ♦ T-Shirts & Shorts
   ♦ Sleeping Attire
   ♦ Plenty of Leotards for 4 Days of Gymnastics
   ♦ Twin XL Bed Linens or Sleeping Bag
   ♦ Pillow
   ♦ Nightlight
   ♦ Alarm Clock
   ♦ Bath Articles, Toiletries, Towels, etc
   ♦ Tennis Shoes
   ♦ Swimsuit & Pool Towel for Pool Afternoon
   ♦ Gym Accessories: Grips, Wristbands, Wrist Guards, Ankles Brace, etc.
   ♦ A Few Snacks for Room
   ♦ Decorations from Home for Door Decorating Contest (with Painter’s Tape)

UNC Overnight Gymnastics Camps are open to any and all entrants (limited only by number, age, grade/level and/or gender).
A nominal fee will be assessed to all online registrations.